The Doctor’s Orders.. Loosen Bro’s, Dr.L Riesling, 2011 reviewed

Despite being the“Star Grape”of most wine critics, Riesling and in particular; German Riesling, is at the bottom of most consumers’ shopping lists, if there at all.

Nonetheless, this wonderfully aromatic, dry, medium, sweet, chameleon of a grape has tons to offer the world…

None more so than Loosen Bro’s DR. L Riesling 2011. Hailing from the Middle Mosel in Germany, where the steep slate, mineral rich, volcanic soils meet the Mosel River. The First thing to note about this wine is the alcohol content of 8.5%, although the same strength as many Belgian beers, it is not to be disregarded.

The appearance is very pale and straw-like, however the nose of full of apples, pears and tiny touches of petrol. In the mouth it is clean, light and delicate with an incredible balance between acidity and sweetness.

The obvious food matching would be something with a kick and a nice bit of spice. We tried it with chicken livers which was surprisingly good as it balanced with the slight bitterness of the livers.

In a world divided between gooseberries and elderflowers, and Plain-Jane-Pinots, this light well balanced gem is well worth a try.

Dr. L Riesling 2011 is available at Lavinia, Retailing at 8.70€ (approx) Calle de Jose Ortega y Gasset, 16, Madrid

(Metro: Serrano/ Valazquez/ Nuñez de Balbao)

by: Wine in Madrid